BMW NBT repairing fixture KR60022B

This fixture is applicable to BMW NBT repairing.

With build-in chip,testing pin, and USB cable, customer can read or programming the software directly.

Package include:

1X Testing fixture

1X Cable with USB connector 

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For BMW NBT, its normal having error code NO SIGNAL.

Normally at such condition, we have to remove the 8G sanasonic chip from small PCB, then use SW to enhance it. Due to the tiny BGA pad of the chip(0.33MM), it will be time cost and skill required job to remove/ re-soldering the chip, even rebuidler have the risk break the whole PCB board.

That's the reason we develop this device to prevent those problems. With NBT repair fixture KR60022B, user just needs to remove 4 pieces of SMD resistors( for some small chip NBT board, have to remove one more)


Then connect the KR60022B fixture on the board.


The next step is connect to PC, open the SW to transfer/copy data.

There are 2 kinds size of the sanasonic chip-12X16MM/11X13MM, KR60022B can work on both of them. 

Other car models with this fixture can be worked on

Mercedes Benz 166  EMMC data

TOYOTA RAV4    error code 9610-OR030 OR080


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